Joint study

Joint Study: How to Develop Energy Efficient Refurbishment on a Large Scale


Greenov_Joint_Study_10_09_2014In order to contribute to low carbon cities and sustainable economies in North-West Europe (NWE), it is essential to implement large scale improvements in the energy efficiency of the existing building stock. The transnational cluster developed through Greenov has enabled the pooling of knowledge of a group of experts in sustainable renovation in NWE. This transnational knowledge transfer capacity will encourage and support large scale energy efficiency projects with potential of having a large impact on overall energy use of cities in NWE […]


With the participation of

1 Local authority of Marne-la-Vallée/Val Maubuée
2 Association for the development of enterprises and competencies – ADEC
3 Municipality of Zoetermeer
4 Ashford Borough Council
5 City of Dublin Energy Management Agency – CODEMA
6 Eco-construction Cluster – ASBL
7 Engineering School of Paris – EIVP
8 Brussels Enterprise Agency – ABE

Download here :  WP1A6_GREENOV Joint Study_FINAL (PDF, 5.7 MB)


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